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PrivateVPN Review

Operating out of Sweden, PrivateVPN promises top-tier cyber security alongside lightning
speeds, first-rate customer service, and second-to-none streaming capabilities. All at
an affordable monthly rate. While the latter is undoubtedly true, can PrivateVPN deliver
on other fronts?

And how does it compete with such industry
heavyweights as ExpressVPN, PIA, and NordVPN? We take an in-depth look into one of the
market’s lesser-known options and uncover what value PrivateVPN can offer its customers.

PrivateVPN Figures
  • 200+ servers, 63 countries
  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Seven-day free trial
  • Prices start at €1.90 per month


PrivateVPN Plans
One month€8.60/mo
Three months€5.72/mo
Three years€1.90/mo
Available on

  • Introducing PrivateVPN

Little is known about PrivateVPN’s origins, although the company
has been involved in the digital security game since 2009. The brand claim to be the
fastest-growing private VPN in the business, registering 44,000 customers so far. Based
in Sweden, a member of the 14 Eyes alliance, PrivateVPN hosts just 200 servers, a
fraction of that of competitors who generally boast server fleets well into the
thousands. On the plus side, servers can be found in 63 countries, evenly spread across
the world.

Despite its small-scale network, PrivateVPN
does match many VPN rivals in terms of features and even pops up with a few surprises
that could turn heads. We check out the provider’s credentials and explore what
PrivateVPN is doing right and what it needs to improve.

Is PrivateVPN User-Friendly, and Which Devices Does It Support?

First of all, PrivateVPN ticks all the boxes when it comes to
user-friendliness. Apps are easy to install, straightforward to navigate, and consistent
in all formats, except for a few missing functions here and there. The interface is
sleek and uncluttered and, at first glance, appears rather basic. This is a result of
the default ‘Simple View’ setting, which is perfect for beginners. Users with a bit more
technical knowledge can click on ‘Advanced View’ to reveal a range of customization
options, including protocols, encryptions, and advanced features. This split-level
design combines the best of both worlds without confusing the two and ensures a
top-notch user experience when handling PrivateVPN. But how does the VPN fare in terms
of accessibility? Let’s find out:

  • Apps: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, routers

While all the major operating platforms are covered with native apps, there are no
browser extensions nor a Smart DNS function. This means customers looking to use their
VPN on games consoles and streaming devices will have to set up the connection on their
router. In spite of these drawbacks, one PrivateVPN subscription can be used on 10
simultaneous devices, which makes it an excellent choice for sharing with family and

How Fast are PrivateVPN’s Speeds?

PrivateVPN performs admirably well on speed tests. Connecting to a local server enables
fast and seamless browsing, streaming, torrenting, and online gaming. With its limited
network, though, servers can become congested, and long-distant results can’t compete
with faster VPN alternatives. More servers are likely to be added as the company grows,
which could perhaps boost PrivateVPN’s challenge to competitors in the near future.

Can Customers Trust PrivateVPN?

A secure VPN should keep traffic and information
private at all times, even if the connection drops. PrivateVPN adheres to every industry
standard to make sure user data never leaves the tunnel. Firstly, the company employs a
strict no-logs policy, i.e., no information, excluding email addresses, will ever be
stored. This compensates for the fact that the VPN is headquartered in Sweden, a member
of the 14 Eyes alliance, as government requests for data yield no results. However, no
external audit has been commissioned as yet, which would help to build even more trust
with users. In addition to the privacy policy, PrivateVPN comes equipped with the
following security features:

  • 1.Encryption: Industry-standard AES-256 encryption
  • 2.Protocols: IKEv2/IPSec, OpenVPN
  • 3.Kill switch: Prevents exposure if the connection is suddenly lost
  • 4.Private DNS servers: Keeps all processes in-house, shielded from
  • 5.DNS and IPv6 leak blocking: Protects identity and stops any information
    escaping the tunnel
  • 6.Perfect forward secrecy: Helps secure data transactions
  • 7.Stealth VPN: Bypasses firewalls and other restrictions, enables the VPN to
    work in China

When compared to competitors, there are a few functions missing
from the above list. The WireGuard protocol is the first, plus the handy options of
split-tunneling and multi-hop. With the VPN’s price, it’s hard to grumble, but the
addition of such features would certainly give PrivateVPN an extra boost.

  • Streaming, Torrenting and Round-the-Clock Support

How Effective is PrivateVPN for Streaming?

Those primarily seeking a VPN for streaming
purposes should definitely consider PrivateVPN. Unblocking restrictions is a breeze for
this provider, begging the question of why so many other premium VPNs still struggle in
this department. In fact, PrivateVPN claims to be ‘the most trusted VPN for Netflix.’
And when put to the test, the company delivers time and time again. At least 10 Netflix
libraries are consistently unblocked, including the US. Even the crafty BBC iPlayer
poses no problems for PrivateVPN, and the same goes for Amazon Prime Video, Hulu,
Disney+, DAZN, and many more.

Is PrivateVPN a Good Choice for Torrenting?

Absolutely. In fact, PrivateVPN provides one of
the best VPNs for sharing files quickly and securely. While P2P activity is allowed on
every one of its servers, PrivateVPN advises connecting to specific ‘Dedicated IP’
servers that are optimized for data transfer. Owned and managed by the company, such
first-party servers enhance security by excluding third parties from any data
involvement. Support for port-forwarding, unlimited bandwidth, high speeds, a kill
switch, and the no-logs policy form the complete package for a first-class torrenting

How Can Customers Contact PrivateVPN Support?

Users experiencing difficulties with the VPN can first check out
the website’s support section and FAQs. While the installation guides are helpful, the
remaining support pages are minimal, without even an option to search through queries.
Any unresolved questions can be put to the customer service team, either by email or
live chat. The chat is available 24/7 with responses usually within a few minutes and the support of PrivateVPN
offer something not seen elsewhere; installation, configuration, and troubleshooting
guidance via remote control.

  • Is PrivateVPN the Cheapest VPN on the Market?

First, let’s take a look at the current pricing plans:

  • One month: €8.60 per month
  • Three months: €5.72 per month
  • Three years: €1.90 per month

While the time periods are a bit random, with a massive gap
between three months and three years, the prices are very impressive. Even the monthly
fee is much lower than competitors, and the three-year deal provides great value. The
subscription comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, although users need to give a
reason for cancellation. Payment options are somewhat restricted, with debit and credit
cards, cryptocurrencies, and PayPal accepted. PrivateVPN’s seven-day free trial is not
as clear-cut as it sounds. Customers have to select a pricing plan and submit their
payment details first before they can take advantage of the trial.

  • PrivateVPN Pros & Cons

  • Affordable fees, especially the three-year plan
  • Excellent unblocking abilities, great for streaming
  • Dedicated IP servers and port forwarding makes it an ideal VPN for torrenting
  • Fair speeds and user-friendly apps
  • No-logs policy
  • Small server network
  • Missing features: WireGuard protocol, split tunneling, multi-hop
  • No smart DNS or browser extensions

Our Verdict

As a small-scale provider, PrivateVPN has a lot going for it. Its performance in the areas of streaming and torrenting outshines some of the biggest names in the business. Add to that top-level security, user-friendliness, and an affordable price, and it’s easy to see why PrivateVPN is on the rise. However, more servers are needed to prevent congestion and varying speeds, and users on the hunt for more customization tools and advanced features may need to look elsewhere.