Does a VPN Slow Down My Internet Connection?

Many users undoubtedly want to take advantage of the increased security
and other benefits that come from using a VPN when they connect to the internet. However, they may be
naturally worried that doing so will slow down their internet connection.

While there is a small risk that using a VPN will lead to a slower internet speed, the impact is generally negligible, and there are several things that users can do to reduce it even further.

This article will explore some of these tips so that you can always benefit from the best possible speeds when you connect to the internet using a VPN.


Ensuring the Best Possible Speed

Using a VPN will naturally introduce a little bit of lag into your
internet connection. This is
because all of your internet traffic will have to take an additional step on its journey
between the
webserver you are connecting to and your computer. There is no avoiding this as it is a
consequence of the way VPN services operate.

The best way of keeping things nice and speedy when you connect to a VPN
is to choose a server that
is physically located close to you. This reduces the distance that any data needs to travel
to reach
the VPN server that you have chosen to use. It also minimizes the number of additional
servers and
routing hubs that your data will need to cross on the journey from your computer to the VPN
However, in some cases, the server which is located closest to you may not be the best
choice when
it comes to enjoying the fastest possible speed. This can happen when the server is
busy, or capacity is limited for another reason.

Some VPN operators make it easy for their users to get around any of
these issues by offering to
connect them to the fastest available server automatically. This saves the user the tedium
of having
to try multiple different servers and compare speeds to make sure that they are connected to
fastest one. This is a handy option if you are setting up your VPN connection at the router
and don’t want to have to modify your settings on a regular basis in order to switch from
one VPN
server to another as speeds and demand patterns change. Check that the VPN provider you are
considering offers this type of service before you sign up with them. Be sure to try it out
your free trial or money-back guarantee period to make sure that you are satisfied with the
level on offer.


Ensuring Good Speed Across All Your Devices

If you want to use a VPN when you are out and about, then it is a good idea to set it up on your mobile devices. Most of the major VPN companies also make it possible to easily use a VPN on your
phone or tablet by using their own apps. These apps generally have straightforward interfaces that
make connecting to your chosen VPN server a simple case of logging in, selecting the server you
would like to connect to, and letting the app do the rest of the work.

As with a VPN that is set up on a desktop or laptop computer or at the router level, there is a risk of a slight slowdown in your internet connection speed. In general, this is far less of a problem
than it used to be since internet connection speeds offered by mobile networks are now faster than
they used to be. If you are browsing the web on your phone or tablet while using a 4G or 5G
connection, you are unlikely to even notice the slight slowdown and latency that the VPN will


Dealing with VPN Speed Issues

If you do face any significant speed drops when you connect to your VPN, your first port of call
should be to get in touch with the customer support team at the VPN company. They will be able to
let you know whether the issues that you are experiencing are due to a temporary problem, such as a
technical glitch or unusually high demand, or down to a different matter.

They can also check the
setup that you are using, in case any problems on your side could be causing the slowdown. In
general, it is worth working through their suggestions as many issues that are causing lag and other
problems can be easily fixed.

While some slight slowdowns can be caused by using a VPN, the advantages far outweigh the drawbacks.
The security offered by using a VPN when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network is well worth
it for peace of mind reasons alone.