Best VPN Providers March 2023

Our best VPN providers March 2023 listing has arrived to present to you the most proficient VPN services for the month. Each one of the VPNs we selected can safeguard your internet connections, boost your browsing speeds, and connect you to an endless network of servers across the globe.

Choosing a good VPN may be daunting as there are so many options out there, so we compared a dozen VPN providers by pricing, features, and consumer reviews to create our rating of the best VPN providers March 2023 for you to choose from. See our summaries on the best VPNs below, and give them a risk-free trial.

  • 200+
    servers, 63 countries
  • 10
    simultaneous connections
  • 30-day
    money-back guarantee
  • Seven-day free trial
  • Prices
    start at €1.90 per month


PrivateVPN is the best VPN service in March 2023, used by millions of happy customers. It offers easy switching between 200+ servers in 63 country locations with unlimited and quick internet speeds. With PrivateVPN, you can connect up to ten devices at the same time to individual IP addresses for the whole household to use. It uses 2048-bit encryption to keep you safe from trackers trying to get to your browsing logs. Your personal and banking information will remain private and untraceable, while your internet speeds will be faster than ever.

NordVPN is another top VPN option to ensure your time spent online will remain pleasant and highly secure. Using it will allow you to get a stable, fast, anonymous internet connection via servers in 59 countries. This VPN comes in several membership plans of Complete, Plus, and Standard, adding all kinds of extra services to the list of VPN features. Including a free data breach scanner, add blocker, password manager, tracker and malware blocker, and 1 TB encrypted cloud storage.

ExpressVPN is an astonishing, easy-to-use, top-ranked VPN provider for March 2023 that has servers in 94+ countries in different continents and regions. It comes at affordable and cheap prices for subscription plans of various lengths. Users get to take advantage of split tunneling, allowing them to choose which apps on their device go through the VPN tunnel.

Atlas VPN is a budget-friendly VPN with a solid no-logs policy and powerful encryption. It uses the best, first-class WireGuard protocol for seamless and quicker connections. By purchasing a subscription to Atlas VPN, you can have full control over your virtual destination and pick from a vast list of 750+ servers. You can also use it for anonymous torrenting and P2P file-sharing.

Surfshark VPN: uses the most advanced security features and the strongest, unbreakable encryptions to protect your connections, speed them up, and save you from unwanted access to your activity from other parties. It has 30-day money-back insurance, perfect for trying its features risk-free. The servers available are 3200+ in over 100 countries. You can also use Search, Alert, and Antivirus extra tools to double protect your devices.

Private Internet Access VPN opens up complete access to your favorite content across the web, avoiding those annoying restrictions. You can browse freely for discounts and the best shopping deals, view all streaming services, such as Netflix US, and have unlimited bandwidth. This VPN has super-fast servers in 84 countries. And if you purchase its 3 years plan, you will get the VPN for only 1.79€ a month.

Proton VPN has been around for quite a while, being present in 67 countries with 1862+ servers covering many geographical locations. It offers a legitimate, open-source VPN service, and it does not store, track, or monitor any information about your connection logs. It has a kill switch preventing any leaks and data breaches. You can test out the free version of the Proton VPN or invest in a paid plan.

TunnelBear is a free VPN with 500MB of secure browsing that has a reliable network of over 3000 servers in 47 countries. It bypasses local censorship, protects your passwords, and masks your IP to secure and speed up your web surfing with strong encryptions and trusted protocols. This is also one of the best VPNs for large companies offering a business package for unlimited connections to an unlimited number of devices.


Why Using a VPN Makes Everything Better and Safer

A VPN can completely transform the way you experience browsing online in a good way, as it comes with plenty of benefits and key features for a safer, faster, and more reliable internet connection. With a VPN, you can protect your activity logs, surfing history, searches, and personal details shared online as all that info goes through an encrypted tunnel instead of a public WiFi. No one can track your actions or get a hold of your sensitive data with the use of a VPN, even the government.

Another amazing function is that a VPN changes your real IP address to anywhere in the world, unlocking otherwise geo-restricted content in your location. Your internet speeds are blasting-fast with a VPN as you avoid bandwidth throttling.


How to use the best VPN Providers in March 2023

Using a VPN is much simpler than it seems, even if this is your first time turning to such a service. After reviewing the best VPN providers March 2023 on our list, you can go ahead and pick the one that suits your needs and preference the best and install it on your device.

Most of the VPNs we reviewed support apps for routers, mobile phones, PCs, laptops, iPads, and even browsers. When the installation is finished, register an account or use a free trial version if one is available. Then, you can switch between IP addresses from a list of locations with a touch of a button.


The Best Providers March 2023 for Windows and Linux

PrivateVPN supports apps across PCs, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, iPads, and routers. You can download, install, and start using this VPN in several minutes with no hassle, backed up by helpful 24/7 available customer support. PrivateVPN can be used on Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android on up to 10 devices simultaneously, whichever is more convenient for you.

By investing in Nord VPN, you can have your entire family use the VPN service from your account, each of you doing your own thing. It is supported on macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android, as well as on the most used browsers, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Mozilla. One account can be active on up to 6 devices.

Private Internet Access VPN has apps for Android and iOS smartphones, Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs or laptops, and it can also be set up on Smart TVs. Additionally, you can install it as an extension on Opera, Chrome, and Firefox.


Best VPN Providers March 2023 Price Comparison

Though free VPNs may seem tempting, they are known for having many security breaches, not offering transparency, and having a limited set of features. Thus, investing in a paid VPN may be the best solution, saving you lots of trouble and headaches.

All the best VPN providers March 2023 we have selected are cost-efficient and reliable, offering affordable membership plans with many key features. Some may even come with 7-day free trials and money-back guarantees, suggesting you can test out their services risk-free.

PrivateVPN is super cheap even if you choose the shortest subscription plan. For a monthly membership, you will be billed €10.39, which is more cost-efficient compared to CyberGhost VPN monthly price of €11.99 and ExpressVPN for €12.25/month. Choosing the 3-months subscription plan, PrivateVPN will cost you €6.20/mo. But the best deal is the yearly plan of €2.09 a month + 24 months and a 30-day risk free trial guaranteed to return you money back if you are not satisfied.


Unleash the Power of Netflix with a Proper VPN

When trying to watch your favorite TV shows, series, or movies over the internet, you may find that not all streaming channels support services in your region, leaving you disappointed and annoyed. This usually happens due to contracts signed with specific studios restricting their content to certain geo-locations.

With the simple use of a proper VPN provider, you can unblock an enriched set of libraries from Netflix, HBO GO, Disney +, Hulu, and others, otherwise available only to the US, Canada, Japan, etc.

For sure, one of the best VPNs for streaming is PrivateVPN. Its IP addresses are ideal for surpassing the ever-changing tech used to detect the use of VPNs and unlocking shows and series libraries globally.