But first, what is VPN?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a system designed to protect your privacy online. It sends the data you request through an encrypted tunnel, making it impossible for creepy snoopers to monitor what you’re looking at.

It includes telecommunications providers and ISPs (Internet Service Providers). These companies can usually see and store everything you do online.

Over the last few years, many laws (GDPR, CCPA, and others) were passed to protect customers’ data, but “Accept Cookies” has become a major loophole in the whole system.

But using the best VPNs on the market effectively ends this process of data selling (and hacking) that many immoral companies are practicing

Is VPN legal?

Before considering a VPN for Amazon, you should know whether or not it is legal to use VPN. Fortunately, in most countries around the world, it is perfectly fine to use a virtual private network. It is even advisable to do so if you wish to protect your sensitive information.

However, there are some countries with restrictions, like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, China, North Korea, Russia, and others.

Why do people use a VPN for Amazon?

There are many reasons why people could use a VPN for Amazon. From more general ones, like protecting their data, to streaming Amazon Prime on VPN or managing multiple Seller Central accounts, there is a lot that VPNs can offer to customers. Let’s see the main benefits.


Regardless if you use Amazon for selling, shopping, or streaming, your security is your number one priority. Keeping your data safe is key to denying access to third parties and malicious attacks.

Using VPNs will mask your IP address and encrypt your traffic, making ISPs and other stalkers unable to access your data and your visited addresses. With the help of a secure VPN connection, you will browse the Internet without thinking too much about who can hack into your information.

We also have to say that public Wi-Fi networks are the easiest to hack into. So if you’re staying in hotels or you use Wi-Fi when waiting for the next bus to arrive, it might be a good idea to have a strong VPN protecting your traffic.
Having a VPN will protect Amazon sellers, as well as Amazon Prime subscribers, to avoid being hacked, as a lot of sensitive information, including card details, could be exposed.

Accessing geo-targeted traffic

Having a VPN for Amazon will enable you to access restricted content if you travel abroad or simply don’t live in a country where your favorite TV series and movies are streamed. While Netflix and HBO Max are very popular content platforms, Amazon Prime remains the main one for UK customers (and not only).
So if you want to watch the next episode of the TV show you’re following (like “Love Island”), or you’re into sports, accessing Amazon Prime via VPN might be your best solution.

By getting a top VPN provider, you can connect to a server that is based in a country that streams your favorite content, disregarding your current physical location.

Important: Many streaming platforms, including Amazon, try their best to block any VPN activities due to various reasons: issues with licenses (content available in the US might not have a license to be distributed to the UK, for instance), forbidden content for moral reasons (like watching romantic movies with more intimacy in the Arab countries), etc.

Managing Seller Central on Amazon

Managing your Seller Central account(s) is crucial. A secure VPN could eventually bring you many benefits. Let’s see some of them.

Running multiple stores on Amazon

Seller Central has become a very famous place for many people who earn their money in the e-commerce industry. Unfortunately, running multiple stores and having more than one account is not accepted well in the marketplace, even though there are some ways where you can have an exception for business reasons.

Quite honestly, there is a very slight chance of getting an exemption from the general rule. In most cases, running two accounts will lead to having them both closed. And if you haven’t dealt with Amazon’s customer support, you better postpone it for as long as possible.

Having a VPN for Amazon allows you to run many stores successfully without complying with tight rules. As a result, you can segment your markets and have dedicated accounts for the US, UK, and Europe, or if you’d like – you can also run a separate store for the different types of goods you are offering or separate brands for easier accounting.

Avoiding shop suspensions

Many sellers fear shop suspensions, which could ruin most of their business. We all know the main reasons – many refunds and customers that abuse the system, among others. Since you can run many stores simultaneously, there is nothing stopping you to work the way you want.

And even if you get one account suspended, you can simply continue working at full throttle on the other ones and simply add the listings that are missing. This way, you will avoid losing out on business, and even if there’s a disruption, it won’t last for long.

An Amazon VPN helps you apply the principle “never put all eggs in the same basket.”

Hire agencies to manage stores

Nowadays, it’s a common practice for large enterprises to outsource their Amazon store management to 3rd companies. However, if you have an American or a European Amazon profile, operating it from afar could be an issue.

Furthermore, you need to ensure people who manage your e-commerce business cannot have their passwords compromised. Using a VPN for Amazon could successfully protect your store’s privacy and, on the other hand – ensure outsourced teams won’t have any issues while running your Amazon business.

Avoid bandwidth throttling

Streaming media is a huge part of the Internet. Unfortunately, ISPs are known to throttle speeds during high-traffic periods. Using a VPN for Amazon Prime could prevent your Internet Service Provider from significantly reducing your speed.

However, some Amazon VPNs might slow down your connection, but it could turn out that the loss is marginal compared to what your ISP can do to you. Most quality VPNs on the market encounter less than 10% speed loss for local servers and up to 20-25% for distant ones.

Some ISPs can be very strict, and if they detect you, they might cut your speed by half and even more if they catch you streaming for hours, so the data loss from VPN might be considered negligible.

VPN for Amazon Fire Stick

Is it possible to use a VPN for Amazon Fire Stick? Well, of course! While we have to admit not all VPNs support Amazon Fire TV Stick, the majority of the top-shelf providers come with solutions for it. We have already mentioned security and bandwidth throttling as big enough reasons to watch content with a VPN service.

The best VPN for Fire Stick allows you to watch content from wherever you are, whenever you want, all while enjoying your privacy when watching movies or TV series.

Free VPNs – are they a good alternative?

Free VPNs for Amazon Fire Stick and Amazon Prime might look good on paper. However, we have already told you that Amazon takes security very carefully, and the business platform has the means to identify VPN IP addresses.

Using a free VPN doesn’t bring many benefits – there is a monthly data limit (usually, it’s between 1GB and 5GB), extremely low speeds, and can easily be caught.

And that’s only one part of the story. Companies are for-profit organizations. And if a VPN provider isn’t selling you a product (a.k.a. you get something “for free”), then you become the product. There are many immoral merchants and scammers who are willing to pay a lot to get access to a large database (that includes your personal data and all logs.)

Considering most good options on the market cost as much as a good latte, it’s not even worth making an attempt to install a fishy product just because it comes for free.

Wrapping up

Many people use VPN for Amazon, as it gives them a lot of benefits. They can access Amazon Prime while abroad, watch Amazon Fire TV without being monitored by ISPs, and even run multiple Amazon Seller Central accounts and outsource activities without getting suspended.

And without a doubt, having peace of mind at the price of a large coffee always sounds like a deal of a lifetime!