VPN providers all make bold claims regarding the security they provide, but no two are alike. One way you can determine which VPN is best for you is the security protocols the service offers. You should be looking for a service that gives a choice of multiple security protocols, including the latest which offer the highest levels of encryption and protection from hackers online. If a VPN service only offers a handful of outdated security protocols, you should be sceptical of its effectiveness and search elsewhere.

No Log Policy

If a secure VPN is what you’re seeking so you can protect your and your families privacy online, then a no log policy is a must. Some VPNs will keep records of your details and all the sites you visit for regulatory reasons, and these records can be vulnerable to attack or handed over to authorities upon request. A VPN with a no log policy will only keep records of the most basic details they need for the service to work and won’t have an exhaustive bank of data containing everything you do online whilst using the service. It’s also a good idea to question VPN providers based in “five eyes” countries, a group of countries including Canada, the USA and UK that share intelligence with each other. Some of these countries will have laws requiring that VPNs keep detailed logs and have the ability to share the data internationally with one another.


A top priority for most people will be finding a VPN that offers high speed. Adding an additional layer between your initial search request and the result being returned to your device, it’s commonplace for VPNs to slow down your internet speed. This isn’t always problematic however, and many great VPNs out there will offer high speeds. A general rule of thumb is to find a service with servers in many places, including close to where you’re based. The closer a server is that you’re connected to, the faster it will typically be when searching the web.

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