Unlocks a wide range of content

Different VPN services will offer different things, with some able to unlock streaming websites that others can’t. When searching for a VPN for streaming, check what sites the platform will work with, as plenty of streaming companies proactively block servers belonging to VPNs. Read user reviews to check that others haven’t found themselves unable to access streaming sites while using the VPN too. A good VPN for streaming will successfully unlock the top streaming sites and will have dedicated servers for this purpose, with plenty of backup options should a streaming site block one of the servers.


Streaming is a particularly data-intensive task, requiring a stable connection with fast enough speeds to be able to stream in good quality and with minimal to no buffering. A VPN provides an additional layer between your device requesting the content and it being delivered, which naturally can slow things down.

A good VPN for streaming will have many servers and boast high speeds, having backup options in place should one server be getting too busy. For streaming, you’ll enjoy faster speeds by selecting a server as close to you as possible so that the distance the data request must travel is lower. When using a server in a different country to unlock new content, go with a server that shows on the platform is the least busy with other users to ensure a more stable connection.

Customer Support

While the best VPN providers will be able to boast of things rarely going wrong, sometimes something doesn’t go quite right, and you’ll need to reach out for help. When finding a VPN for streaming, ensure the provider you settle with has efficient and effective customer support options available. The best providers will offer customers a range of live chat, telephone, and email support options and will be available to help 24/7. A service provider with good customer support will also have dedicated teams for keeping access to streaming providers so that if a server gets blocked, they’re straight onto the task of getting you connected again via a different server.

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