What Makes a Great VPN for Torrents

Two impeccable qualities offered by the best torrenting VPNs include fast connection speeds and impeccable privacy. So when looking for a VPN for torrents, these two features should feature in your list of considerations. Also, it would be best to start by ascertaining that the VPN service provider also allows torrenting in their networks. Most VPNs do, but a few block torrents.

Most of the best torrenting VPNs offer incredible speeds. However, a VPN that slows down your speeds is undoubtedly not the best fit for torrenting. So the best Torrent VPN should offer ultra-fast connection speeds with no throttling.

The other attribute to look for in a VPN is a no-logs assurance. After all, no one wants to be exposed when torrenting. That means that an excellent Torrent VPN should never maintain logs, with every piece of data channeled to a non-existent directory that permanently loses all records.

Anyone would prefer using a VPN that is easy to use. The best VPNs for torrenting are usually devoid of cryptic options and menus. Ease of use comes in handy, especially for beginners who might not be well-versed in this subject.

Why You Need a Torrent VPN

As mentioned earlier, torrenting without a VPN comes with many dangers. As such, using a VPN is essential in masking your IP address. While you might not intend to breach copyright rules, exposing your IP address to copyright holders makes you just another ‘pirate.’ Lastly, a Torrent VPN shields you from social engineering attacks and activity monitoring by your ISP.

All Torrent VPNs claim to serve your best interests, but only a few work with P2P networks. Therefore, choosing the best service can be a head-scratcher. To save you from the hassle, we have hand-picked some of the best Torrent VPNs that make the best match for torrenting users, offering top-notch features, irrespective of your platform of choice.